Joint Pain

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Joint Pain

Joint pain occurs from time to time for most people and can make even simple daily activities like walking or exercising uncomfortable and unappealing. If your symptoms persist or worsen, however, it may be time for treatment. If your pain keeps you from walking normally, or if your joints feel hot or become swollen, you should seek an evaluation immediately. 

While joint pain varies from person to person, you may experience:

  • Pain when trying to move a joint
  • Trouble bending or straightening a joint
  • Clicking, snapping, or grinding joints
  • Numbness
  • Enlarged or stiff joints
  • Trouble sleeping

Joint Pain Q&A

What regenerative therapies can address my joint pain?

After a thorough clinical exam with imaging evaluation, Dr. Goswami will develop a comprehensive treatment plan, including any necessary rehabilitation, to help you maintain healthier joints. With a holistic approach to each patient, Dr. Goswami may recommend one or all of the following therapies: platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, stem cell therapy, and Cell Booster supplementation. Together, these treatments promote the body’s natural healing response and address lifestyle factors such as movement and poor nutrition that can contribute to joint pain.