PRP Injections

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PRP Injections

Whether you have a chronic condition or an injury, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are an excellent treatment option to accelerate healing naturally. The expert team at Goswami Clinic in Newport Beach, California, led by Gaurav Goswami, MD, provides this regenerative medicine using your body’s natural properties. To learn more, contact the Goswami Clinic by phone 949-734-9696 or email at Sandra@theGoswamiClinic.com  to book your consultation. 

PRP Injections Q&A

What are platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections?

PRP injections are a regenerative medical treatment that’s been gaining popularity across various fields, including orthopedics, sports medicine, dermatology, and more. 

PRP therapy involves extracting a small sample of your blood and processing it to concentrate the platelets, which are rich in growth factors and other bioactive proteins essential for tissue repair and regeneration.

To create PRP, your provider draws a small amount of your blood and then places it in a centrifuge that spins it at an extremely high speed to separate your platelets and plasma from your other blood components. Platelets are not stem cells. In order to be effective PRP needs  to be prepared in a specific manner. All PRP methods do not give similar preparations therefore effectiveness varies. At the Goswami Clinic your PRP is prepared to its highest standards.

The resulting solution, which contains a higher concentration of platelets thus potent growth factors, is then injected into the affected area.

How do PRP injections work?

PRP injections work by releasing growth factors and proteins that stimulate your body’s natural healing response. When injected into damaged tissues or areas of concern, the concentrated platelets help in tissue repair, regeneration, and forming of new collagen and blood vessels. 

This process accelerates healing, reduces inflammation, and potentially alleviates pain.

What issues can PRP injections address?

PRP injections address various musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Some of the conditions and injuries that PRP injections can potentially treat include:

  • Tendon injuries (e.g., shoulder injuries, knee issues, Achilles tendon, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, plantar fascitis)
  • Muscle injuries (e.g., strains or tears)
  • Osteoarthritis (especially in the knee, hip, and other joints)
  • Ligament injuries (e.g., anterior cruciate ligament [ACL] in the knee)
  • Cartilage damage (e.g., degenerative disc disease, disc herniation)
  • Fractures (to promote bone healing and aid in the recovery process)

PRP can also address the root cause of issues like chronic lower back pain, lumbar disk and facet dysfunction.

Can I benefit from PRP injections?

The benefits of PRP injections include:

  • Natural healing
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Relieved pain
  • Reduced recovery time
  • Quick return to activity

In addition, PRP can also keep your joints strong and healthy, slowing down the degenerative changes associated with aging and continued activity.

To determine if PRP injections are right for you, book a consultation with the team at the Goswami Clinic. Call our friendly administrative staff today or book an appointment online anytime, day or night. Contact the Goswami Clinic by phone 949-734-9696 or email at Sandra@theGoswamiClinic.com  and book your evaluation today.